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King Gothic

The King

King Gothic is specifically designed for digital displays. Every stroke is carefully designed and consideration taken for the refinement in every detail. Clean design with a simple and balanced framework, the counter is adjusted appropriately to present a clear sense of space. Neat Gothic strokes add to the rhythm in modern aesthetics. The combination of structure and flexibility shows the graceful temperament of a premium Gothic font that is perfect, solid, and forever new.

King Gothic


Featuring a broad width and a stable center point, soft curves bring a perfect sense of wrapping, with geometrically and symmetrically decorated details. The adaptive x-height gives adequate space for breathing room between strokes and tracking to make reading more smoothly.

King Gothic features broad and steady characters, soft curves for a rounded effect, and details that are fine-tuned by the aesthetics of geometric symmetry. King Gothic is ideally suited for screen display, well-centered, features excellent legibility and readability, and is a neutral, refined and modern gothic font. DF Hei retains the design elements of traditional Chinese Hei fonts, its starting strokes are reminiscent of the style and body of Ming fonts, which differ slightly from the simple and straightforward style of modern Hei fonts. This series features crisp clarity, with a bold and full structure. Ideally suited for general print document, office document, reports, books and magazines. DF UD Gothic has a wide body, and was designed in accordance with the Universal Design concept. The range of application is rather extensive, such as public signage, posters, as well as smaller screen displays of mobile phones, home appliances, and so on.


To provide maximum quality for both screen display and print, DynaFont developed six font weights and up to 15 multilingual languages based on the same design framework for King Gothic. King Gothic maintains consistent design across multiple languages.









(Modern Type)








Layout with
Mixed Characters




Multilingual Support for Comprehensive Applications

Font Format

TrueType / OpenType


Ultralight / Thin / Light /
Regular / Medium / Semibold

Language Support

Japanese: Supports JIS X 0208 and JIS X 0213:2004 standards.
Korean: Supports KS X 1001 and KS X 1002 standards.
Traditional Chinese: Supports Big5-2003 standard.
Traditional Chinese: Supports the latest HKSCS-2016 standard.
Simplified Chinese: Supports GB/T 2312/GB 18030 and passed the inspection of conformance Test For Information Technology Standards.

European standard supports ISO MES-2 and Central Asia and East Asia language packs including Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Tamil, and Sinhala script.


Advanced font technology for customization demands.

Customizable Weight

King Gothic is developed with a technology similar to variable font which enables quick fine-tuning of weight among the six readily available weights.

Integrated Character Sets

Identical glyphs are used in different subsets to effectively minimize font capacity by combining font files through customization of multiple languages.

Chinese / Kanji characters in CJK languages comply with local writing standards.
Compliance with local writing standards to enhance ease of use. Positions of punctuations and symbols are adjusted for each language.

Simplified Chinese King Gothic is compiled with GB/T 2312/GB 18030 standard supported by the CTCITS test report.

The DynaFont
Gothic Families

After years of experience in font design,
DynaFont offers font solutions that correspond to the latest market trend.

DF Hei

DF Hei was created in response to the needs of the digital printing era in the 90s, ever so slightly retaining the serif-style silhouette whilst featuring a bold and full-bodied structure, with a robust appearance to fulfill the needs of paperback publications. Since its inception over 20 years ago, we can witness real-life applications of DynaFont Hei fonts everywhere, such as printed works, posters, and signboards, making it one of DynaFont's earliest and most classic creations.

Recommended For: Headings and in-line text
Suitable Applications: Printed material

DF UD Gothic

DF UD Gothic design evolved from an aging social environment in the twenty-first century. It was designed for all users, as an application of the Universal Design concept. It did away with the characteristic brushstroke effects for improved clarity, with a focus on legibility to allow the elderly, myopic, and people with amblyopia to read with greater ease. Its thoughtful, reader-friendly design facilitates the transfer of knowledge and information.

Recommended For: Headings and Signage
Suitable Applications: Signage for public spaces, phrases, medical instructions, automotive systems, medical equipment interfaces, electrical home appliance interfaces

DF King Gothic

King Gothic was created as an answer to screen displays, and modern design aesthetics were painstakingly infused into tech fonts for simple and clean strokes for use with smart phones, and small-screens such as those on wearable devices, for unprecedented clarity and comfort. The King Gothic font family features six weights that is digital medium-friendly, and ushers in a new era of gothic design.

Recommended For: Headings and in-line text
Suitable Applications: Smart phones, tablet PCs, wearable devices and IoT-related small-screen products

DF Qing Gothic

Featuring demure layering in each stroke and even arrangement of black and blank spaces, DynaFont Qing Gothic takes full consideration of the webpage display function during the design process, resulting in great legibility and readability. It contains seven weights for effective display and comfortable reading including headings, image illustration and content.

Recommended For: Headings and digital text
Suitable Applications: Webpage, mobile APP and E-Commerce Advertisements


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