As a font solution provider, DynaComware shoulders the important mission of passing down the cultural legacy of Asian typography.

Ever since the printing ages of the past, DynaComware has been committed to creating more beautiful fonts, hoping to preserve the world's most ancient cultural heritage through font design. Entering the digital world, we hope to develop more beautiful, practical, and unique fonts, which is also reflected in the visual design of our brand. Therefore, in 2015, DynaComware comprehensively updated the Corporate Identity System (CIS) and re-designed the standard fonts to be more artistic and friendly that are inspired by the corporate LOGO.

The company's LOGO is based on the Chinese character “hua” (華), which refers to the Chinese culture and the ancient character for “flower” (花), therefore includes the meaning of glamour and beauty. The imagery of “hua” is presented by elements of writing grids used in Chinese calligraphy and the moveable types used in printing press.

The corporate font is structured mainly on the DynaComware Hei font, while English fonts coordinate with the style of the LOGO's rounded square to give a modern and professional look. The Chinese fonts are based on DynaComware UD Hei font added with the rounded edges of the LOGO and English fonts for overall unity. This creates an effect that at first glance seems like Hei font added with soft rounded edges, expressing the straightforwardness and a harmony at the same time, overturning the rigid elements of the Hei font. The unique blend strength and softness makes it suitable for a variety of usages.

The design of the LOGO communicates DynaComware's efforts in the design of Chinese fonts and the pursuit of aesthetics and technological innovation that gives fonts different expressions. We hope that by adding life to fonts, we can make the world a better place through communicating emotions and cultures.