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DynaFont Treasure(華康寶藏) Annual License Font Solution

DynaFont Treasure is an annually license product with a wide variety of DynaFont. It includes 2,252 Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean DynaFont, and available for license for multiple years and workstations. The scope of license covers all business uses, including word-processing, multimedia ads, and webpage design. DynaFont Treasure can help you uncover unlimited creative applications.
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DynaFont Package Software(盒裝字型產品) Package font solution

TrueType HK Gallery, a product tailored for general users of Hong Kong and Macau, is offered in the Home, Office and Pro versions to meet different requirements. With a variety of over 100 quality fonts, users can make the documents look more vivid and lively! As a perfect companion for designers, the OpenType HK Gallery Pro is tailored for professionals and offers a wide collection of OpenType fonts features.
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Single Typeface Products(單套字型介紹)

DynaComware offers over 200 Traditional Chinese fonts, ranging from basic styles to design. Click to find out more…
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DynaFont Gothic Family

DynaFont Gothic Family was created to encompass King Gothic, Qing Gothic and UD Gothic families. Each font family has its own characteristics, plus precise details in their differences, each meant for devices of different digital characters, for flexibility and easy readability. DynaFont Gothic Family, a high-quality all-round font solution, is the ultimate release of font design energy that DynaComware has accumulated over the past 30 years.
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Embedded DynaFont(嵌入式字型)

DynaFont offers a wide variety of embedded fonts, including clean and easy-to-use Bitmap fonts of different sizes and the Gray Bitmap fonts that can display smooth and clear strokes even in small resolutions.
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DynaFont License solutions(華康字型授權方案)

DynaFont licensing options for business or personal use.
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