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──Breathing life into fonts and communicating with the world──

As a font design company, DynaComware is devoted to passing on the legacy of Chinese characters to the next generation. Chinese characters are not only tools to convey meaning, but also unique art forms. To infuse the beauty of Chinese characters in different mediums and communicate our vision in the digital world, DynaComware rebranded our Corporate Identity in 2015. This enables us to provide customers with font solutions that are richer in variety and support more language systems via various platforms.

DynaFont was developed in Taiwan in 1987. Being the pioneer of digital font solution in Asia, DynaComware continues to develop new and creative fonts for new digital medium. In the early days, DynaComware mainly focused on providing fonts for word processors and desktop publishing systems. Later, as the brand gained popularity, the creative and beautiful "DynaFont" can be found in documents, signboards, and print. After many years of hard work, DynaFont is now among the leading brands around the world that provides multi-platform and multi-lingual font solutions.

Since the first generation font solution, DynaComware has introduced package software products, annual license solution, and multi-lingual font solutions throughout the Asian market including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. While developing a larger variety of embedded font solution, the company also designs a rich collection of Asian and European fonts and provides a plethora of original font designs. All the above has made DynaFont one of the most popular fonts across institutions, schools, organizations, and among designers. Apart from print, DynaFont is also adopted in embedded electronic products and display systems, as well as digital content such as the television programs and games in our everyday lives. DynaFont is a trusted companion for designers across the world.

In the future, DynaComware will continue to deepen our commitment to deliver better font solutions and original font design for global languages. In addition, we will strive to provide comprehensive service for all our customers. We believe that creative and expressive fonts can make the world a better place by helping everyone to express themselves.

DynaComware Hong Kong Limited

Chairman, Amy Lo