DynaLab Inc. established in Taiwan

“High Resolution Font Development Methods and its Device” patented in Taiwan, the US, Germany, Korea, and Malaysia


Introduced the PC Multi Font Chinese Display Card and released three basic fonts: DFMingLiU, DFKaiSho-Medium, and DFHei-Medium in Taiwan

Entered the Japanese font market


Organized the Chinese computer font event and released nine fonts including DFMingLight, DFMingMedium, DFMingBold, DFHeiMedium, DFHeiBold, DFKaiSho-Medium, FangSong, Ying Bi Kai Shu


Received the Patent for “High Resolution Font Development Methods and its Device” from the US

Completed DFMingLiU and DFHei-Medium in Japan

Signed contract agreeing to combine the four Chinese PostScript fonts with Apple Computer to be released as system fonts for the Machintosh operating system.


Panasonic started using DynaFont ASIC

Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan to create fonts that are used as standard fonts for public sectors

Selected by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan to create the standard Chinese font

Selected by Digital Equipment Corporation as the system’s default font

Introduced Chinese PostScript I and PostScript III font


Awarded certificate for appreciation from Sharp Japan

Introduced the DynaFont Japanese Font Display Card

Licensed Lotus 1-2-3 to use DFMingLiU

Chinese Windows 3.1 used DFMingLiU as the system font


Over one million sets of font products sold in Japan; established Japan office.

Font chosen by Japanese company Lotus as the basic font for two of their products

Introduced the DynaFont Color Pre-Press System

Becomes authorized and sole distributor of Chinese QuarkXPress in Asia


DynaFont selected by Microsoft Word as the system font

Introduced the DesignerRIP which allows high resolution digital output and stationed output centres in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan


Released the first CJK font in the world in the US

Introduced the first poster-printing machine that supports characters such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Introduced the IBM OS/2 Japanese DynaFont

Introduced an Asian font compatible with the Apple computer

Introduced the first CJK DFMingLiU True Type font to support Unicode


Introduced DynaDoc at the Seybold Seminar in the US and awarded the Hot Picks prize

Introduced the innovative AsiaSurf that allows sending Asian languages including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in digital documents.


DynaDoc awarded the Outstanding I.T. Applications / Products Award in Taiwan


Listed among the first 100 information services of Most Admired Company in Taiwan by CommonWealth Magazine

DynaFont Bitmap font used by cell phone company Ericsson

Sign contract with Chunghwa Post to collaborate in providing Electronic Post Service (EPS)


The elaborately designed TV FONT received exclusive US-Taiwan patent

TV internet machine LIGHT BRIDGE awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award

Listed as NO.8 on information services of Most Admired Company in Taiwan by CommonWealth Magazine


Bitmap font chosen by large companies Taiwan BenQ and Quanta Computer as the font for cell phones.

The official launching of EPS: DynaFont and Chunghwa Post collaborating for a new age of electronic postal

Ranked NO.1 in the font market according to survey by BCN Japan


Ranked NO.1 in the font market according to survey by BCN Japan

Over seven million sets of DynaFont products sold

Japanese font chosen by US Microsoft as the Office software font for Macintosh computers

Restructured as DynaComware: “DynaComware Hong Kong Limited, DynaComware Beijing Limited, DynaComware Shanghai Limited, DynaComware Taiwan Inc., and DynaComware Corporation (Japan).”


The four sets of DynaFont Simplified Chinese GB18030 coding received the official certification from the PRC government

Chosen by Apple Daily in Hong Kong

Ranked first in market share in Japan font market 3 years consecutively. (source: BCN WEEKLY NEWS Japan)


The first to develop OpenType fonts for PC & MAC operation platforms

First to break through the limitations of displaying fonts on the internet and develop DynaWebFont, a font solution specifically for the internet, a new web design technology for the 21st century

Ranked first place in sales throughout the Japanese font market (source: BCN WEEKLY NEWS Japan)

Bitmap font chosen by the largest cell phone manufacturer HonHai Precision Ind.Co., Ltd.

Bitmap font chosen by ASUS J-100 as the font for cell phones


Release proprietary font solution DigiType


DynaFont product Chin Tieh 2004 purchased by Q-Ware Systems & Service Corp. and open to all 7-11 stores for printing across Taiwan


Attended the second largest China international digital interaction and entertainment exhibition in the world (China Joy)

DynaFont software ranked No.1 for nine consecutive years (BCN Japan)


Released new font engine Liang Tzu Engine and new product UD Font

Annual license font solution DynaSmart and DynaSmart Plus introduced in Japan

DynaFont software ranked NO.1 for ten consecutive years (BCN Japan)


DynaFont software ranked No.1 for eleven consecutive years (BCN Japan)


DynaFont software ranked No.1 for twelve consecutive years (BCN Japan)


Hosted Font Design Contest 2013 in Japan

Released new fonts the Hannotate and HanziPen, which are handwriting style fonts designed for reading on small screens

DynaFont software ranked No.1 for thirteenth consecutive years (BCN Japan)


DynaFont software ranked No.1 for fourteenth consecutive years (BCN Japan)

Released the “DynaFont Rare Books Series” which took six years to complete. The design was inspired by the collection of rare books of the National Palace Museum, a design that combines vintage with innovation

DynaFont Rare Books Series awarded the Japan Good Design Award


DynaFont software ranked No.1 for fifteenth consecutive years (BCN Japan)

Logo and Corporate Image redesign


DFPGirl W5 ranked NO.1 to be downloaded by Xiaomi phones

Released Traditional Chinese DynaFont Rare Book Series


Hong Kong website redesign

Release of DynaFont Treasure

Release DF King Gothic

Release of DynaFont Love in Taiwan

The "To Love" campaign for communicating the romance of lettering to the general public generated widespread discussion

The DynaComware "To Love" exhibition of love letters and To Love Chocolate Flash Shop was launched on Chinese Valentine's Day in Taiwan


"Good Word Movement" honored at the 40th Times Advertising Awards

"To Love" campaign wins "Best Digital Creativity" and "Best Digital Copy" gold awards at the Taiwan 4A Creative Awards

DF Bronze Inscription wins Good Design Award in Japan

To Love Chocolate wins Good Design Award in Japan

DynaFont King Gothic wins Golden Pin Design Award and was also named Best of Golden Pin Design Award

To Love Chocolate wins Golden Pin Design Award

"A Letter to Success" charity campaign in Taiwan draws strong support from celebrities and the general public


DF Bronze Inscription wins iF Design Award in Germany

To Love Chocolate wins iF Design Award in Germany

DynaFont King Gothic wins K-DESIGN AWARD in Korea

DynaFont "A Letter to Success" wins Good Design Award in Japan

DynaFont King Gothic wins IAUD International Design Award Bronze Award in Japan


DynaFont King Gothic wins Good Design Award in Japan