Single Typeface Introduction

From the cute and lovely Girl font and the elegant and classic JinWen font to the reserved and dignified TanLi font, DynaComware has launched over 100 types of Chinese fonts to expand the spectrum of font culture. For efficient processing of documents, the Basic series will be the correct choice. For a weekend party invitation, choose one POP font similar to the party theme to make friends awaiting. The handwriting fonts will be the best options for recording the precious moments in a trip. A wide variety of fonts for you to perfectly record different moments in each and every day of a year.

Single Typeface Product

DFMingLight-B5(華康細明體) TrueType for Win

DFMingMedium-B5(華康中明體) TrueType for Win

DFMingBold-B5(華康粗明體) TrueType for Win

DFNMingXBold-B5(華康新特明體) TrueType for Win

DFMingUBold-B5(華康超明體) TrueType for Win

DFMingSUBold-B5(華康超特明體) TrueType for Win

DFTMingW3-B5(華康台明體W3) TrueType for Win

DFTMingW5-B5(華康台明體W5) TrueType for Win

DFTMingW7-B5(華康台明體W7) TrueType for Win

DFTMingW9-B5(華康台明體W9) TrueType for Win

DFTMingW12-B5(華康台明體W12) TrueType for Win

DFTMingW14-B5(華康台明體W14) TrueType for Win

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