DynaFont Treasure(華康寶藏)

DynaComware Hong Kong launches annual font license solutions: DynaFont Treasure (to be confirmed) includes all Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese DynaFont. From the Basic, Calligraphy, POP fonts to the long-awaited – RareBook Series, let DynaFont give new expressions to every character.
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Offering both TrueType and OpenType fonts, DynaFont Treasure fulfills all you need for office routine and creative designs. A perfect companion for designers containing 2,299 Traditional and Simplified Chinese fonts with flexible license plans. New designs will be updated each year and free to use during the license term.

200x240 Including both TrueType and OpenType fonts suitable for ad and multimedia designs.
  1. A collection of over 2,200 fonts.
  2. Scope of license: print, multimedia content, website design, and PDF.
  3. License plans for flexible terms and flexible workstations.
  4. Number of workstations can be adjusted during license term.

DynaFont Treasure(華康寶藏)

Including both TrueType and OpenType fonts, DynaFont Treasure is the best companion for designers.

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