Embedded DynaFont

DynaComware provides both Traditional and Simplified Chinese fonts for users across the world, in addition to Japanese, European, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, Burmese, and Korean fonts. Examples of applications include products from all over the world; embedded fonts are used in products such as railway electronic billboards, electronic dictionaries, GPS, POS (Point of Sale) equipment, scanners, all kinds of scanners, multi-function printers, medical machines, PDA, tablets, and smartphones.


  • Extensively used in exported products. Most fonts are reviewed as “distinctive, clear, and allows comfortable reading.”
  • Dot-matrix-fonts for small devices and low-end products are also available, while vector-fonts for high-resolution LCD screens are provided to satisfy the different needs of clients, in addition to highly recognizable and readable customized services.
  • Assistance engineers are available specifically for embedded fonts, providing services from making the purchase to receiving the product.
  • DynaComware is the official distributor for NITS of the China government and provides GB18030 fonts along with the licensing document.
  • DynaComware provides products that meet the needs of clients and are high-quality albeit reasonable pricing. Please contact DynaComware for further information.

Embedded DynaFont products are available in the following language

Japanese Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Hong Kong) Korean
English Arabic Icelandic Italian Indonesian
Eskimo language Estonian Esperanto Dutch Croatian
Greek Cyrillic (Russian) Swedish Spanish Slovak
Slovenian Sorbian Thai Czech Danish
German Turkish Norwegian Romanian Hungarian
Hindi Finnish Faroese French Vietnamese
Hebrew Persian Portuguese Polish Maltese
Latvian Lithuanian Other

Embedded Font

Bitmap font

Provides dot-matrix-fonts in Chinese and other languages

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Gray Bitmap Font

Gray-scale Bitmap fonts can smoothen and beautify fonts in whatever small sizes.

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TrueType font

Compatible with general format vector-fonts throughout operating systems including Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux Supports Chinese (traditional and Simplified), Japanese, Korean, and multi-languages (Unicode).

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DigiType font

Incredibly light-weighted vector-font that provides font engine (Rasterizer) that is not affected by operating systems and CPU limitations.

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Chinese & Multi-Language fonts

GB font Chinese (simplified)
Font package that supports GB18030

Products that are exported to China must use fonts that meet GB18030, the requirements for national standard for characters in China.

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Unicode Font Package

Provides Unicode font packages and layout engines for use on products exported to Europe, Asia, and Middle East countries.

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