Embedded equipment lightweight outline font

DigiType Font

DigiType is a proprietary scalable font that was developed particularly for embedded systems to optimize drawing quality and speed.


Stroke-Based Font

DigiType Font is developed from the patented Stroke-Based technology, which can significantly minimize font date size while maintaining high quality scalable outline. DigiType is most suitable for high resolution, multi-functional devices with limited memory space.

Rendering Image

Software Rasterizing(rendering)

Hardware Rasterizing(by OpenVG)

Revising Function・Decorative Function

Hinting Function

●Stem Loss Hinting

●Dropout Control Hinting

●Grid Fitting

Rasterizer Revising Function

●Reduce shades of gradation

●Adjust stroke positions

●Adjust stroke colors

Small Size Revising Function (option)

●Strokes Reducing Hinting Technology

The Strokes Reducing Hinting technlogy developed by DynaComware reduces or moves the appropriate strokes when rendering Chinese characters with complex strokes, which makes small print clearly readable. By this technology, the legibility of the small print is enhanced without affecting character recognition.

Anti-Alias Function(Smoothing Function)

●4, 16, and 256 shades of gray

Decorative Function

Other Features and Functions

Chinese national character standard, or GB18030 (License certificate will be issued by NITS)

DigiType Plug-In for FreeType Engine

Universal Design Font

Screen Font

Font Specification

CPU Independent
OS Independent
Programming Language
Library Size [shared library]260KB、[Basic library]150KB
Working Memory [shared library]256KB、[Basic library]120KB

[Advanced Library]

Support 41 languages

Support hardware acceleration

Support Layout Engine

[Basic Library]

Support software rendering only

Language Support (Corresponding to up to 44 digital TV language characters)

Japanese Chinese(Simplified Chinese character) Chinese(Traditional Chinese character) Chinese(Hong Kong)
Korean English Arabic Icelandic
Italian Indonesian Eskimo Estonian
Esperanto Dutch Croatian Greek
Cyrillic Swedish Spanish Slovak
Slovene Sorbian Thai Czech
Danish German Turkish Norwegian
Nordic Hungarian Hindi Finnish
Faroese French Vietnamese Hebrew
Persian Portuguese Polish Maltese
Lapp Latvian Lithuanian Romanian

Font Data Size

Language Standards Font Date Size(DigiType) Font Data Size(TrueType)
Japanese JIS-X0208、X0201 ~ 650KB ~ 2,300KB
Chinese(Simplified) GB18030 ~ 2,400KB ~ 8,000KB
Chinese(Traditional) Big5 ~ 1,100KB ~ 7,300KB
Chinese(Hong Kong) Big5+HKSCS ~ 1,500KB ~ 9,700KB
Korean KSX1001 ~ 740KB ~ 2,300KB
European Unicode ~ 190KB ~ 250KB
Arabic Unicode ~ 380KB ~ 500KB
Thai Unicode ~ 30KB ~ 40KB
Vietnamese Unicode ~ 210KB ~ 280KB
Hindi Unicode ~ 300KB ~ 400KB
Hebrew Unicode ~ 30KB ~ 40KB

※ Data Size can be reduced depending on user enviroment.

Font Layout Engine Specification

Common API Specification of Font Layout Engine

CPU Independent
OS Independent
Programming language C
Library size Appx. 260KB(Common in Arabic / Thai / Hindi)
Working Memory Appx. 256KB(Common in Arabic / Thai / Hindi)

※ Shared in both DigiType and Bitmap.

Font Data Size

Arabic Thai Vietnamese Hindi Hebrew
Bitmap 100KB~ 22KB~ 40KB~ 44KB~ 30KB~
DigiType 420KB 67KB 120KB 200KB 70KB~
Conforming to Unicode

※ Each size has different data size in Bitmap Font.

※ Bitmap Font is compatible only with BDF data as of now.


Bitmap Font

● Layout engine library

● Font data

● Layout porting / specification guides

DigiType Font

● Layout engine library

● Rasterizer library

● Font data

● Rasterizer specification guide

● Layout porting / specification guides

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