Televisions and video production companies as the main target

  • Fonts can be used in the subtitles and menu of video works (movies, television programs, advertisements, videos, DVD, streaming videos and audios)
  • Licensing by title are required.

Detailed content on DynaFont Video License/ by title

Licensing font traditional Chinese (200 font packages), simplified Chinese (45 font packages)
Licensing targets Cable television, video production company, post-production, personal use, and so on
Usage Television programs, advertising, movies, DVD, Blu-ray, streaming audio and video, exhibitions and so on
Licensing method One licensing contract is required for each work
Scope of licensing
  • Targets limitations regarding the number of times for replay, network play, and product, with no limitations on play frequency and production
  • One licensing contract is required for each work. The first to last episodes of TV series are viewed as the same work