DynaFont Treasure
Product Content TrueType Font 1,964 fonts
OpenType Font 335 fonts
Licensing Options Annual License
Permanent License X
Methods of Installation Online Installation
Offline Installation X
Suggested Retail Price One Workstation for One Year HK $6,200 /Year
Multiple Workstations for Multiple years Discount applies based on the Number of Workstations and Years
Permanent License X
Licensing Terms Printing
Multimedia Advertising
(Including Electronic Billboards, Line Stickers, etc.)
Website Design
Portable Electronic Files
Image Production
E-Books X
APPs, Games X
Application of Embedded Fonts X

【DynaFont Treasure】

Annual licensing product suitable for printed matter, websites, images, and multimedia advertising
Scope of License:

  • Printed Matter
    For Instance: Regular printed matter such as office documents, books, magazines, marketing material, envelopes, name cards, souvenirs, T-Shirts, signboards, product catalogues, product packaging, product manual, product label, product wash care label, and newspapers.
  • Images and Multimedia advertising: Including posters, TV advertising, graphic advertising, advertising signs, billboards, producing title for image files, and subtitles and menu.
    For Instance: Fonts used for image editing, movie and TV subtitles, TV advertising.
  • Website Design: Including self-design and third-party websites, texts, titles, and animation.
    For Instance:
    • Used in titles and texts.
    • Used in image montage.
    • Used in banners after fonts have been transferred into image files.
    *If you are using the fonts other than the purposed listed above, separate “licensing contracts” are required. For Instance: The use of Web Font.
  • Portable electronic files: PDF files, ePub files, and other portable electronic files.
    Recommended for: advertising, webpages, image and multimedia designers, and companies in related industries.

What is “DynaFont Treasure”?

This annual-licensed product is available for flexible contracts according to the “number of workstations” and “years of use.” Contents include all DynaFonts and several English and mathematic fonts, consisting of a total of over 2,000 font packages. Chinese fonts include products such as basic fonts, calligraphy fonts, and art POP fonts. In addition, annual additions of new fonts are also available. All fonts are for use within the licensing period.

This product can be used in various printed matter, with the licensing scope extending to usages such as multimedia advertising, website design, and portable electronic files. Whether used for personal office documents or professional design works, users will be able to find the best fonts for their creative work in DynaFont Treasure.

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