Font Story

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【Creative Concept】

Mindfulness in Bodily Form
An elegant pose reminiscent of a bronze inscription manifests the grace of meditation. Dwelling in a centered, tranquil state of mindfulness, then leaping into animated dance, it seems to set a personal rite into motion, steeping one’s whole mind in reverie.
As your body and the script become one, you sense a peace and equilibrium rising from within.

【Screenshot Layout】

A streak of gold runs along the edge of the dancer’s arm, guiding our line of sight. The atmosphere of the visuals turns from stillness to action, and the rhythm starts to accelerate. She leaps and spins as if dancing in accordance with the sinuous inner structure of a bronze inscription. Finally, she joins her hands in perfect symmetry and raises them high like the wings of a swan. As her skirt lifts up and flows downward again, the hem of her translucent silk dress forms a beautiful half-arc. That exquisite moment frozen in time is breathtakingly lovely.


【Notes from the Frontline】

People express mindfulness with their bodies, and mindfulness manifests itself in people through words. Ancient bronze inscriptions are like a mysterious, lissome dancer. This is why we grounded our concept in the feet, exploring a form of modern dance that is fluid and elegant but still retains a sense of mystery. When selecting the actress, we particularly looked for one with long, slender limbs and a tall body, who truly had the look of a bronze inscription. It was also crucial that she have basic training in modern dance.
For her clothes we created a dance costume distinctively reflecting the feel of our JinWen font. We chose a gossamer-thin fabric to evoke a floating, slightly transparent, dreamy sensation. When the actress put on her tailor-made dance costume, raised her arms and rose in a pirouette, the scene was exceptionally lovely.
Because of her solid dance background, we let her dance however the spirit moved her, and she was not burdened with any expectation of a fluent interpretation. To make the atmosphere mysterious, the director let off some artificial smoke, for an extra sense of misty beauty.
The actress’s exceptional performance was very gratifying to watch on the sidelines. Occasionally we would even forget we were there to make a film, and thought we were simply enjoying a show!
In the final scene, the actress let her skirt expand like outstretched wings, then slowly fall back down. That lovely moment was captivating. Like meditation, it could only be perceived, not put in words.



DynaFont JinWen
Type: Calligraphy Font
Thickness: W3
Inspired by inscriptions on ritual vessels unearthed from the Kingdom of Zhongshan from the Warring States period, DynaFont JinWen borrows their rhythmically flowing lines, reorganizing their structure while retaining their distinctive high center of gravity, to create a wholly modern font, a contemporary interpretation of a classical form. Suitable for products designed for women, packaging, and business cards, as well as publications with an Oriental aesthetic.