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DynaFont Art Font: DFPiPi

"I'm not making trouble, and I'm not being naughty.
The toys scattered all over the floor just represent my boundless creativity."
Do you also have a naughty little boy in your home? Full of tricks, always acting innocent, he has people seething in anger one minute, and rolling in laughter the next. Creativity requires carefree play not bound by rules. Therefore, the designer integrated the naughtiness and active nature of little boys into the font. Come take a look at the little rascal among DynaFonts—DFPiPi!


Mischievously combining pieces to create a new font

The inspiration for DFPiPi comes from a simple yet interesting old puzzle game: The Tangram! Legend has it that the tangram was invented by the ancient Chinese. In it, a square is divided into seven geometric figures. With these seven pieces of one whole, the player can find infinite novel combinations, from humans and animals to buildings. By exercising the brain and breaking free from the rules of reality, one can piece together a tangram to form an interesting figure.

The designer is a childish adult with a playful heart. One day, while playing with a tangram to relax, he looked at several of the triangles of different sizes laid out in front of him and suddenly had an epiphany: the tangram could be applied to the hook stroke of a Chinese font! Sure enough, "play" is the best method for finding new ideas! Thus, the designer let his imagination run free and thought about how each squared character would look if made into a tangram!


The Naughty Little Boy Font

Distinct from the youthful Girl font and the childish Wawa font, DFPiPi is designed to be slightly wider and is complemented with dots that resemble small marbles; its turns are sharp angles, and it
incorporates cute geometric features. Overall the font gives the image of a naughty little boy who is urged by his mom to pick up tangrams scattered all over the floor, but who takes the opportunity to make childish fun with the tangram, tile by tile.

Although DFPiPi is intended to resemble a playful little boy who is lively, happy, and unrestrained, the designer tried to “discipline” this font a little by regulating the thicknesses of lines. And to avoid too great a looseness in its general structure, the smaller components of radicals had to be compressed slightly. Thus, for DFPiPi, there is discipline in its play. It has instantaneous appeal.


The Features of DynaFont PiPi

The characters are designed to be a bit wider. They are complemented with dots that resemble small marbles and short left and right strokes that curve at the end. This is combined with geometric lines and triangular hook strokes that are similar to the shapes of tiles in a tangram, making DFPiPi look like a naughty, active little boy who brings you limitless joy.

DFPiPi font examples:

Suitable applications

DFPiPi is suitable for headings and subheadings; its distinctive strokes and playful character make it especially suitable for cute children’s products, such as toys, books, and magazines. DFPiPi is also suitable for short writing, bookmarks, cards, and packaging for delicate foods, such as desserts and snacks, where it can add to the lively, playful image.




DFPiPi font introduced in this article is available for annual licensing DynaFont Treasure.

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