New look for DynaComware website!

The brand new DynaComware Hong Kong site is launched to celebrate the 30th anniversary of DynaComware.

In addition to the new look, we never forget the cultural origins of Chinese characters. Therefore, DynaComware has launched a brand update project in recent years. First, it started with a new logo featuring the Chinese character “華” (part of its Chinese brand name) in a 3 by 3 Chinese calligraphy grid setting and typesetting elements to highlight the relationship between font design and the culture of Chinese characters.

After reviewing our efforts over the past three decades, we have combined more than 2,100 classic Dyna font sets in DynaFont Treasures as an annual license product this year. In addition, we have launched the HKSCS version to meet the needs of Hong Kong users. For either office documents or professional designs, users can always find perfect applications and creativity from Dyna Treasures. From now on, you can easily purchase any DynaFont products from the DynaFont Online Store to enrich your font list off the limit.
In fact, DynaFont has always been part of the daily life. From fonts for printing in earlier times to phone display today, DynaFont is everywhere in our life. Therefore, we have specifically planned the “Font Story” in the new website to narrate the stories of font design at DynaComware. Some are imitation of ancient calligraphic works; some are inspired by the daily life of designers. Therefore, our daily life is already part of cultural heritage.

As usual, DynaComware keeps shuffling between the past and the present to safeguard the culture of characters with innovative technology and refine classics in fonts, and we will continue this way with elegance and grace.