Chinese Fonts with the Most Standard Strokes: Free Upgrade to “DFPHKNewStdSong-B5 and DFPHKNewStdKai-B5”

DynaComware Hong Kong Limited is introducing DFPHKNewStdSong-B5 and DFPHKNewStdKai-B5, both of which were produced according to the guidelines of Reference Guide on Kai Style Character Glyphs for Chinese Computer Systems in Hong Kong and Reference Guide on Song Style (Print Style) Character Glyphs for Chinese Computer Systems in Hong Kong ( and support the latest Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set HKSCS – 2016 and Chinese Language Common Interface ISO10646.
Although Chinese Language Common Interface ISO10646 has unified encoding set, it fails to consider the writing needs of individual areas, which is why most Chinese computer fonts that are currently used in Hong Kong fail to meet the writing needs in Hong Kong. Since the creation of Windows 3.1, DynaComware has produced Chinese fonts for frequently-used Hong Kong fonts and has continued to update font products throughout the years, actively and swiftly responding to various needs of Chinese computer fonts within the Hong Kong government, resolving error issues in Chinese data among the increasing usage of computers, electronic communications, and information exchanges among the people of Hong Kong.
Educators can use DFPHKNewStdSong-B5 and DFPHKNewStdKai-B5 to teach students to accurately write Chinese characters, while business owners can use them to create Chinese computer files and Chinese databases, ensuring that Chinese characters will meet the requirements and writing habits of the Hong Kong area and not lack Hong Kong characters. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is rapidly digitizing daily operations and the use of DFPHKNewStdSong-B5 and DFPHKNewStdKai-B5 ensures accurate transmission of Chinese data among the internet.
DFPHKNewStdSong-B5 and DFPHKNewStdKai-B5 include a comprehensive collection of Hong Kong Chinese fonts and standardized writing methods, meeting the needs of every Hong Kong worker in the modern information society and lifestyle. DynaComware provides customers with new editions of DynaFonts that allow free upgrade to DFPHKNewStdSong-B5 and DFPHKNewStdKai-B5. For more information, please contact agents (852) 27493340 or send us an e-mail ( with following form. We will reply later.
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