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DynaFont Treasure adds nine brand new character fonts, in both digital format and for traditional print publishing

Our annually license product DynaFont Treasure will include the newly released "DF Qing Gothic" – a brand new font meticulously crafted for the paperless reading era that supports OpenType formats. We are also adding "DFNewStdKai HK17 W5" as well as "DFNewStdSong HK17 W3" OpenType fonts for users in their current contract period – all users can upgrade to try these without any additional charge. Current users are welcome to download the new font options from the DynaFont Treasure installer immediately, and inject some delicately charming new life into your own digital designs!


● DF Qing Gothic
DF Qing Gothic has been carefully designed with the basic goal of optimizing web displays – it provides a very soft, clear, high-performance and neutral black body text for the paperless reading era. These fonts are calming yet bold in appearance – it remains simple and practical, taking you back to the purest dimension of reading. With an abundance of ingenuity and philosophy behind this font – like traditional “blue-white designs in characters" - the essence of Chinese text is in full bloom.
Do try to experience the charming attraction of DF Qing Gothic right now!
● DFNewStdKai HK17 W5; DFNewStdSong HK17 W3
Both fonts were produced in accordance with the official "Hong Kong Computer Chinese Characters Regular Font Reference Guidelines" as well as "Hong Kong Computer Chinese Characters Song text (Printed) Glyph Reference Guidelines". The two fonts support the latest Hong Kong supplementary character set (HKSCS-2016), along with the Chinese common interface (ISO10646). Education professionals can use these fonts as a tool to teach students to write Chinese characters correctly. Enterprise users can also use them to make Chinese documents and Chinese databases – this ensures Chinese characters both conform to Hong Kong writing habits and also effectively helps avoid any missing characters. This time, OpenType format has been newly added - this provides more flexible choices according to a user's specific needs.
In addition, there are now various styles of artwork and calligraphy fonts. You are invited to discover more font innovations in our own precious vault of unique fonts called DynaFont Treasure!

DynaFont Treasure [New fonts list]
1.  DFNewStdKai HK17 W5 (華康香港新標準楷書) OpenType
2.  DFNewStdSong HK17 W3 (華康香港新標準宋體) OpenType
3.  DF Qing Gothic HK17-W1 (華康青花黑HK W1) OpenType
4.  DF Qing Gothic HK17-W2 (華康青花黑HK W2) OpenType
5.  DF Qing Gothic HK17-W3 (華康青花黑HK W3) OpenType
6.  DF Qing Gothic HK17-W4 (華康青花黑HK W4) OpenType
7.  DF Qing Gothic HK17-W5 (華康青花黑HK W5) OpenType
8.  DF Qing Gothic HK17-W6 (華康青花黑HK W6) OpenType
9.  DF Qing Gothic HK17-W7 (華康青花黑HK W7) OpenType

All the above fonts already conform to the Big5 (HK) character set standard.
How to install these new fonts for DynaFont Treasure:
●For users who have not yet installed DynaFont Treasure, first log-in to the official website of DynaFont. Then, download and install [Online Installation Program for DynaFont Treasure Series] in the members area. After this installation is complete, you can install all DynaFont Treasure fonts, including our newest fonts.
●Note: If the DynaFont Treasure installer has indeed already been installed, simply follow the prompts to update after launching to install these new fonts.

If you want to purchase the collection of DynaFont Treasure, please go to our official online font store – you can also learn more there about our design concepts and creative applications of DynaFont products. Welcome to see all the stories behind DynaFont characters!
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