DynaFont Treasure Professional

DynaComware is introducing an annual license font solution: Dyna Font Treasure, which includes a variety of classic DynaFonts. With total over 2,200 DynaFont, DynaFont Treasure includes Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other Asian typefaces ranging from basic, calligraphy, art POP and handwriting fonts.

Product details

  • Includes over 2,200 DynaFont
  • Includes classic DynaFonts
  • Compatible with Hong Kong writing
  • Unleash Your Professional Creativity!
  • Purchase from Official Website Instant Access
  • New DynaFont each year
  • Wide range of commercial usage such as print, multimedia advertising, website design, electronic document
  • OpenType for professional designers
This product offers a wide collection of DynaFont from DynaComware, including basic fonts such as Yuanti, Heiti, Kaiti, and Mingti for everyday use, antique and timeless calligraphic fonts, handwritten fonts with a strong sense of individuality, and POP fonts for artwork. With this endless selection of fonts, you can express a different emotion with every design!
■ A Variety of Font design
  • Above 2,200 DynaFont included.
  • Comply with Hong Kong character set.
  • A wide scope of licensing suitable for print, multimedia advertising, website design, and PDFs.
  • Latest DynaFont added each year to be used within the licensed period.
  • Flexible offers for multiple years/workstations are available. The number of workstations can be increased during the license.
  • Includes 240 TrueType Traditional Chinese fonts, 142 Simplified Chinese fonts, 22 Japanese fonts, 4 Korean fonts, 3 multi-lingual set consists of 23 countries fonts, 82 of Chinese Pinyin fonts, 1,470 special effect English and mathematic fonts, 206 OpenType Traditional Chinese fonts and 129 Simplified Chinese fonts.
  • GB5, GB2312, and GB18030 standard simplified Chinese fonts for smooth communication between Mainland China and Hong Kong.
  • Supports both Windows and Macintosh operations systems.

*Chinese Pinyin Font (82 sets) do not support Macintosh, only for Windows.
■ DynaFont Treasure is suitable for the following licenses: 





■ Classic fonts included


■ Main Chinese fonts that are included

Basic fonts: DF King Gothic, DF Qing Gothic, DFMing, DFLiHei, DFHKStdSong, DFLove etc.
Calligraphy fonts: DFStdKai, DFBronzeInscription, DFJadeFangSong, DFJinWen, DFSoZing, DFTanLi, DFNewChuan, DFKanTingLiu, etc.
Handwriting fonts: DFHannotate, DFHanziPen, DFLiu, DFGangBi, DFEr, etc.
Art fonts: DFGirl, DFWaWa, DFShiYi, DFPOP, DFPMo, DFLangMan series, DFBloom etc.

Type Format Number of Typeface
TrueType Traditional Chinese Big5、Big5(HK) 240
TrueType Simplified Chinese GB5(HK)、GB2312、GB18030、Big5-GB 142
TrueType Japanese Font JIS 22
TrueType Korean Font KSC 4
TrueType Chinese Pinyin Font Pinyin series 82
TrueType Gift-Traditional Chinese Big5(HK) 1
TrueType Gift-23 Chinese series font Unicode3.0 3
TrueType Gift-Special Effect English Mathematics Font English, Arabic, Chinese numbers 1470
OpenType Traditional Chinese Big5、Big5(HK) 206
OpenType Simplified Chinese GB5(HK)、GB2312、GB18030 129
Total 2,299

*Chinese Pinyin Font(82 sets) do not support Macintosh, only for Windows.

Recommended Price:
One Workstation ‧One-Year License: HK$6,200

With the increase in license of "Number of workstations" and  "Number of Years", discount is available:

1~4 5~9 10~19 20~49 50~99 Above100
1 Year HK$6,200 HK$6,076 HK$5,952 HK$5,828 HK$5,704 HK$5,580
2 Years HK$12,152 HK$15,903 HK$11,666 HK$11,423 HK$11,180 HK$10,937
3 Years HK$17,670 HK$17,317 HK$16,963 HK$16,963 HK$16,256 HK$15,903
*All prices listed above are for one workstation. 

・macOS 10.14.6 above Traditional Chinese Environment

・Windows 10
・Windows 11

  Internet connection required.

Item/product name DynaFont Treasure Basic DynaFont Treasure Professional DynaFont Treasure Education DynaFont Treasure Student
Number of fonts TrueType fonts 1929 fonts 1,964 fonts 1,965 fonts 1,965 fonts
OpenType fonts -- 335 fonts 335 fonts 335 fonts
Recommended retail price One year or device HKD$1,500/year
(1 workstation)
(1 workstation)
(3 workstations)
HK$2,200/6 years
(1 workstation)
Multiple years or workstations Discounts are available depending on the number of workstations and years 
License scope General printing O O O(Note 1) O(Note 1)
Multimedia advertising X O O(Note 1) O(Note 1)
Website design X O O(Note 1) O(Note 1)
 (*For printing only)
O O(Note 1) O(Note 1)
Video production X O O(Note 1) O(Note 1)
Recommended users
1.Personal users
2.Office users
1. Advertising designers and companies
2. Website designers and companies
3. Video and multimedia designers and companies
Educational institutions Students
Notes     Note 1: For non-commercial, educational purposes only Note 1: For non-commercial, educational purposes only
*DynaFont Treasure Basic is suitable for PDF used for office documents such as product catalogue and manuals. Other commercial type PDF such as e-book, e-magazines are not included in the license, please refer to DynaFont Treasure Professional. If you have any questions regarding product licensing, please call or email our customer service


  1. Please follow instructions listed in the “Product License” when using this product.

  2. This product can only be used by individuals or within groups and corporations.

  3. Licensing includes printed matter, multimedia advertisement, video products, website design, and portable electronic files. Both commercial and non-commercial usages are restricted to Hong Kong and Macao Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  4. Please use this product according to the number of computers and years listed in the license.

  5. Either paid or unpaid, users are prohibited from selling, distributing, renting, lending, re-licensing, or many other actions that may damage the rights of DynaComware and send the outlined files of this product through ASP (application service provider), internet server, or any other methods. Users are also prohibited from broadcasting, distributing, transmitting, or any actions that may damage the rights of DynaComware through re-producing this product into gaming programs, gaming art, apps, or other forms of actions. Please contact DynaComware or refer to the company website for other restrictions of usage.

  6. DynaComware has the right to change the design and format of this product without notice.

  7. Customer support services are only provided for Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region; customers should contact the customer service through E-Mail or the service hotline.

1. DynaFont Online Store
Choose the number of workstations and license term.

2. Other Internet Distribution Stores
Choose the number of workstations and license term.