TrueType HK Gallery (Home Version)

DynaComware’s TrueType HK Gallery offers a wide variety of Chinese fonts. With a collection of up to 799 sets of quality DynaFont, the Home Version makes documents look more vivid and lively with various classic design fonts. There are also 4,477 special English and mathematic fonts licensed to home uses. Tailored for home users, each box is licensed to three workstations at the same address.

HK$ 680

Product details

The TrueType HK Gallery (Home Version) has a wide collection of 799 Dyna fonts, including the classic basic Dyna fonts: Yuan, Hei, Kai, and Ming, the elegant calligraphy font, the stylish handwriting fonts,and the POP Design font. A perfect font solution for home users, each box is licensed to three workstations at the same address.

■ A font gallery tailored for Hong Kong and Macau users!
‧ Support both Windows 10 and Mac platforms for convenient cross-platform applications.
‧ Support the latest HKSCS (+PUA), ISO 10646/Unicode, and IICore.
‧ Writing styles meeting the needs of Hong Kong users.
‧ Include GB5 with effective conversion between Traditional Chinese into Simplified Chinese to ensure easy document exchange between Hong Kong and China.
‧ Support e-document embedding: PDF.
‧ Support multiple stroke orders and Chinese Pinyin for easy preparations of instructional materials.
‧ Additional 4,477 special English fonts.

More about the scope of license of TrueType HK Gallery Home Version

■ A wide variety of Chinese fonts
Basic: DFMingLight, DFBiaoKaiShu, DFYuanMXBold, DFHeiMedium, DFHKStdKai, DFHKStdSong, etc.
Li style: DFLiSongLight, DFLiHei, DFLiYuan, DFLiKaiShu, etc.
LangMan: DFPLangManXue, DFPLangManHui, DFPLangManFeng, etc.
Unique: DFGirl, DFWaWa, DFTongTong, DFPuDing, etc.
Handwriting series: DFHanziPen, DFHannotate, DFEr, DFChu, etc.
Hand Draw Monument: DFKaiShu, DFXingShu, DFLiShu, DFWZMing, DFKanTingLiu, etc.

■ Multiple sets of Simplified Chinese fonts, Pinyin fonts, Simplified Pinyin fonts, Korean series, Japanese series, and fun number fonts.

  • Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
  • Mac OS 10.7-10.11
  • PCs that can run the above operating systems
  • Disk space: 2MB to 40MB
  • USB port

Version Pro Home Office Pro Home Office
Font type TTC TTF
Traditional Chinese 150 sets 105 sets 152 sets 107 sets
Simplified Chinese 90 sets 70 sets 98 sets 77 sets
Japanese 22 sets 5 sets 22 sets 5 sets
Korean     4 sets 2 sets
Fonts of 23 countries     3 sets 2 sets
Pinyin 82 sets 82 sets    
Variation 34 sets 26 sets 36 sets 28 sets
Sign Font 12 sets 12 sets 12 sets 12 sets
Illustrated fonts 22 sets 11 sets 22 sets 11 sets
Fun number fonts     38 sets 19 sets

● TTF: Outline fonts available in only one type of English letters and numbers, the commonly used TrueType Font.
● TTC: The TrueType Collection refers to a number of TTFs collected in one file. For example, the Microsoft MingLiU and Microsoft PMingLiU are TTFs are the system fonts of Microsoft Windows. The spacing of MingLiU is mono spacing, while the spacing of PMingLiU is proportional spacing

  1. Please follow the terms of license on the box regarding the use of this product.
  2. This product is protected under the ROC Invention Patents 108084 and 132321.
  3. “TrueType” and “Windows” are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. and Microsoft Corporation respectively.
  4. This product is licensed to home users for use on three personal computers using a Windows or Mac platform in the same address for non-business purposes. Other group users, such as a company, a school, or a government unit, should purchase the Pro or Office version.
    The embedding function of fonts is for the sole purpose of home uses. Publishing companies should contact our sales personnel to purchase the ePublishing Version equipped with legally licensed embedded font files.
  5. All trademarks, text, and images are the property of their respective owners
  6. The user license does not include the free software coming with the product.

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