General font format for embedded equipment

Font formats composed of dot-matrix that use up less CPU

Gray Bitmap Font

Gray scaled Bitmap font allows smooth display of small-sized fonts

16 gray scaled dot-matrix font (4 bit per pixel):

Capacity for each text = [(W+7) 8]X 4 X H  W: Width H: Height [a]is the largest integer that does not exceed the real number a

Font Specification


Gray Bitmap

Simplified Chinese GB18030
27,484 text
1,933KB Hei :8MB
Ming :16.6MB
Song :13.3MB
Kai :21.8MB
Traditional Chinese Big5-2003
13,963 text
950KB 3,797KB Hei :4.6MB
Yuan :7.2MB
Ming :8.1MB
Japanese JIS-X0201, JIS-X0208
7,468 text
Binary:2,100KB Hei W2:2.1MB
Hei W5:1.9MB
Girl font:4.3MB
Korean KSX1001
8,322 text
585KB 2,340KB Hei :2.2MB
Ming :3.7MB
European languages Latin Set 1 18KB 72KB Hei
Unicode (Basic Latin, Latin 1 subsidy, additional order)
245 text
European languages Latin Set 2 
Unicode (Basic Latin, Latin 1 subsidy, Latin expansion AB, additional order)
343 text
24KB 96KB Hei
Cyrillic 256 text 18KB 56KB Hei
Greek 144 text 10KB 68KB Hei


Latin Set 1 Latin Set 2 Cyril Greece
ISO 8859-1
ISO 8859-2
ISO 8859-3
ISO 8859-4
ISO 8859-5
ISO 8859-7
ISO 8859-9
ISO 8859-10
ISO 8859-15
ISO 8859-16

Languages that require Layout Engine (Arabic / Thai / Vietnamese / Hindi / Hebrew)

Layout Engine + font TTF only provides fonts

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