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DynaFont Treasure to be Updated with 9 New Typefaces - The font revolution of the digital age that draws from Chinese heritage

The annual license DynaFont Treasure from DynaComware has been updated with several new type facess. The update introduces DF Jade Fang Song (BIG5(HK)), a font set optimized for digital applications, and DF Bronze Inscription (BIG5), which is a modern reiteration of ancient Chinese characters. The two fonts support both OpenType and TrueType. The update also includes the DF KaiShu MO1 (BIG5(MSCS-2020)) TrueType font and comes free of charge for all users within their contract period. Feel free to download the update through the DynaFont Treasure installer now to give your digital design a gentle and charming new look!

●DF Jade Fang Song (華康玉刻仿宋)
DF Jade Fang Song takes after the Song-dynasty imitation font styles from the early years of the Republic of China but has been further optimized for modern digital screen legibility, creating a refreshing Song-dynasty-inspired font. The font set shares its structural design with both regular script and Ming typeface, as shown through its long, slender, and hard structure formed from clear and strong strokes. DF Jade Fang Song retains the aesthetics of the Song dynasty characters with its crisp lines, nuanced details, and gentle greying. It is well suited to many types of digital mediums and will surely make readers reminisce of a uniquely classical aesthetic in this digital age.
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●DF Bronze Inscription (華康甲金文)
DynaFont Bronze Inscription goes all the way back to the origins of Chinese characters, and our team has cracked the code behind making pre-Qin characters readable. After consulting the bronze inscriptions of “Da Yu Ding” from Western Zhou as well as oracle bone script collections, we proudly presents a typeface that retains pictorial and geometric qualities without sacrificing readability. To revitalize these illustrative pictographs, our team used Da Yu Ding inscriptions and the collections of the National Palace Museum and the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica as reference.
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●DF KaiShu (華康楷書體)
DF KaiShu is the modernized version of the straight and narrow regular script fonts. It is clearly defined and has a highly aligned structure which gives it exceptional clarity and legibility. DF KaiShu is perfect for general documents, textbooks, official documents, notices, etc.

In addition, there are now various styles of artwork and calligraphy fonts. You are invited to discover more font innovations in our own precious vault of unique fonts called DynaFont Treasure!
DynaFont Treasure [New fonts list]
1.  DFJade Fang Song W2 (華康玉刻仿宋 W2) BIG5(HK) OpenType
2.  DFJade Fang Song W2 (華康玉刻仿宋 W2) BIG5(HK) TrueType
3.  DFJade Fang Song W4 (華康玉刻仿宋 W4) BIG5(HK) OpenType
4.  DFJade Fang Song W4 (華康玉刻仿宋 W4) BIG5(HK) TrueType
5.  DFJade Fang Song W6 (華康玉刻仿宋 W6) BIG5(HK) OpenType
6.  DFJade Fang Song W6 (華康玉刻仿宋 W6) BIG5(HK) TrueType
7.  DF Bronze Inscription W5 (華康甲金文 W5) BIG5 OpenType
8.  DF Bronze Inscription W5 (華康甲金文 W5) BIG5 TrueType
9.  DFKaiShu MO1 W5 (華康楷書體MO W5) BIG5(MSCS-2020) TrueType
How to install these new fonts for DynaFont Treasure:
●For users who have not yet installed DynaFont Treasure, first log-in to the official website of DynaFont. Then, download and install [Online Installation Program for DynaFont Treasure Series] in the members area. After this installation is complete, you can install all DynaFont Treasure fonts, including our newest fonts.
●Note: If the DynaFont Treasure installer has indeed already been installed, simply follow the prompts to update after launching to install these new fonts.
If you want to purchase the collection of DynaFont Treasure, please go to our official online font store – you can also learn more there about our design concepts and creative applications of DynaFont products. Welcome to see all the stories behind DynaFont characters!