Surpassing the classics, a revolutionary Song typeface in the digital age

In the early 20th Century, two brothers assembled a library of Song Dynasty wood-carving books, and hired artisans to create the Song style printing type.

Since then, Fang-Song typeface became a classic style in Eastern Asia. In the 21st Century, DynaComware took the Fang-Song style and optimized it for the digital age.

Each stroke is adjusted for the screen and enhanced for digital reading, creating Jade Fang Song.

Brilliant like Jade, reflecting upon the pureness of digital reading experience

Adjustments in the details creates clear and smooth reading experience in digital devices. Sharp and clean lines enhance legibility, and perfect spacing makes it easy to read even on smaller screens.

Consistent and balanced type color of Jade Fang Song allows for smooth reading, and the sharp angle of the strokes is softened with fluid curves, making reading more comfortable and easier.

Jade Fang Song is created with digital environment in mind, infused with print type style and to bring a classic elegance to the digital reading experience.

Tracing back to the historical roots of Latin character designs

Latin and alphabet characters are infused with Roman tablet carving and humanistic handwriting styles, and extended the lines and characteristics derived from Chinese characters, creating a perfect blend of Jade Fang Song’s unique style.

Characters across different language sets reflect each other.
Latin, alphabet and Kana characters are extended from Chinese characters, maintaining a high level of consistency.

DF Jade Fang Song can be purchased here

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