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UD Yuan is designed as a response to the increasingly aging society in the 21st century, extended from the concept of Universal Design, and meant for the general public. UD Yuan is simplistic, majestic and accentuates easy legibility and easy reading for the elderly and those with vision disorders e.g. myopia and amblyopia, and even in a fast-moving environment. The rounded ends of the strokes make characters more gentle and harmonious. A sweet friendly design makes written communication more pleasant and relaxing.
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  • DFUDYuanHK17 W2(華康UD圓 Std W2)OpenType
  • DFUDYuanHK1 W2(華康UD圓 W2)TrueType
  • DFUDYuanHK17 W4(華康UD圓 Std W4)OpenType
  • DFUDYuanHK1 W4(華康UD圓 W4)TrueType
  • DFUDYuanHK17 W6(華康UD圓 Std W6)OpenType
  • DFUDYuanHK1 W6(華康UD圓 W6)TrueType
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DFUDYuanHK17 W2(華康UD圓 Std W2)OpenType
DFUDYuanHK17 W4(華康UD圓 Std W4)OpenType
DFUDYuanHK17 W6(華康UD圓 Std W6)OpenType

Product details

* Windows 10/ 11 Traditional Chinese
*Mac OSX 10.14~13.5 Traditional Chinese version
required for the above operating OS.
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Compliant with Big5