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DynaFont Bronze Inscription goes all the way back to the origins of Chinese characters, and our team has cracked the code behind making pre-Qin characters readable. After consulting the bronze inscriptions of “Da Yu Ding” from Western Zhou as well as oracle bone script collections, we proudly presents a typeface that retains pictorial and geometric qualities without sacrificing readability. To revitalize these illustrative pictographs, our team used Da Yu Ding inscriptions and the collections of the National Palace Museum and the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica as reference.
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  • DFBronzeInscription TC1 W6(華康甲金文 W6)TrueType
  • DFBronzeInscription TC13 W6(華康甲金文 Std W6)OpenType
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DFBronzeInscription TC13 W6(華康甲金文 Std W6)OpenType

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* Windows 8.1/ 10/ 11 Traditional Chinese
*Mac OSX 10.12~12.5 Traditional Chinese version
required for the above operating OS.
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Compliant with Big5

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