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DF King Gothic HK(華康金剛黑)

King Gothic is specifically designed for digital displays. Every stroke is carefully designed and consideration taken for the refinement in every detail. Clean design with a simple and balanced framework, the counter is adjusted appropriately to present a clear sense of space. Neat Gothic strokes add to the rhythm in modern aesthetics. The combination of structure and flexibility shows the graceful temperament of a premium Gothic font that is perfect, solid, and forever new.
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  • Ultralight
  • Thin
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  • DFKingGothicHK17-Ultralight(華康金剛黑 Std Ultralight) OpenType
  • DFKingGothicHK17-Thin(華康金剛黑 Std Thin) OpenType
  • DFKingGothicHK17-Light(華康金剛黑 Std Light) OpenType
  • DFKingGothicHK17-Regular(華康金剛黑 Std Regular) OpenType
  • DFKingGothicHK17-Medium(華康金剛黑 Std Medium) OpenType
  • DFKingGothicHK17-Semibold(華康金剛黑 Std Semibold) OpenType
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DFKingGothicHK17-Ultralight(華康金剛黑 Std Ultralight) OpenType
DFKingGothicHK17-Thin(華康金剛黑 Std Thin) OpenType
DFKingGothicHK17-Light(華康金剛黑 Std Light) OpenType
DFKingGothicHK17-Regular(華康金剛黑 Std Regular) OpenType
DFKingGothicHK17-Medium(華康金剛黑 Std Medium) OpenType
DFKingGothicHK17-Semibold(華康金剛黑 Std Semibold) OpenType

Product details

* Windows 8.1/ 10/ 11 Traditional Chinese
*Mac OSX 10.12~12.5 Traditional Chinese version
required for the above operating OS.
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Compliant with Big5

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